According to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, currently we generate about four lakh tons of electronic waste. Further, as per an estimate by the Central Pollution Control Board, around 0.5 metric tons of electronic waste is generated every day. This appears to a huge problem that needed our attention. The disposal and recycling of these waste materials are a formidable challenge to the people and government. 


Generally speaking, in the Indian context, the electronic wastes are usually kept stored or dumped in vacant pits without taking into account the consequences of such actions. Most of the e-waste products contain varieties of toxic chemicals and materials that are extremely harmful for the human, animal and plant species. From crippling us to being fatal, any such harmful e-wastes are required to be handled and processed scientifically.. Hurry! up Find The here best location of Disposal of electronic waste in Hyderabad. For more inquiry Get our Phone numbers and Address +91-44 6548 5915.